Update on tree debris pickup for May

Update on the heavy trash/tree waste pickup – from the deputy district director – they are so backed up still from freeze debris, they are going to simply skip the rest of the May pickup schedule and head straight into the June cycle. Expect everything to be done on about the usual June schedule. From an email reply to myself and Kathy Dooley, the owner of our property management company:

“We started yesterday trying to complete some of the June junk waste collection. Unfortunately, we’re moving at the same rate of speed as we did for April’s junk waste service. That being said, I would estimate 2nd Wednesday service between June 9 and June 12th. Please let the residents know the volume of waste in the Houston area is unprecedented with the exception of major storms. Volumes were already up year over year, but we’re dealing with almost double the junk waste volume since the winter storm. The June 9-12th target is a moving target. I will have a better idea of when we’ll be in the area Monday, June 7th. I think the 2nd Wednesday area covers most of Ms. Dooley’s Clear Lake area residents. If you need more information, please let me know.”

This is region-wide with all trash companies, not just City of Houston. Will let you know when we get further updates.

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