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Sterling Knoll Subdivision is located in Houston, Texas, northwest of the Johnson Space Center. We are located along El Dorado Blvd. between Interstate 45 and Texas Highway 3. There are 337 houses and a community owned park in Sterling Knoll.

Q:  Do we pay for trash pickup?

A:  When the City of Houston annexed Sterling Knoll in 1994, they agreed to pay for us to keep a private trash contract instead of the lower level of service provided by the City.  As of January 2018, the price of that private contract became excessive, so the Homeowner’s Association agreed to switch to City services.  This now provides weekly trash pickup every Thursday, every other week recycling, every other Thursday, plus other services.  We are on Schedule B for recycling pickup.

The heavy trash schedule for Sterling Knoll is the 2nd Wednesday of the month. Tree waste is picked up every month, with tree waste only on odd numbered months.  Junk waste is picked up on even numbered months with the tree waste.

More specifics can be found here: http://www.houstontx.gov/solidwaste/

Here is a graphic with the 2023 trash and recycling pickup schedule – thanks to our homeowner Courtney Stacey –

Also available as a PDF here – Sterling Knoll Trash Calendar 2023

Note – public trash cans in the park are NOT for homeowner trash!

Q:  Why is our mailing address Webster if we are in the City of Houston?

A:  Sterling Knoll was built in 1978.  The post office assigned addresses at that time.  The City annexed Sterling Knoll in 1994.  The Post Office was asked but was not interested in changing our address.  We recommend when calling City of Houston offices that you use the street address and Sterling Knoll subdivision, and not mention the Webster mailing address.

Q: If I call 911 who answers?  When do I call 911?

Since we are in the City of Houston, the City will respond with Houston Police Department (HPD) or Houston Fire Department (HFD) as needed.  Call 911 for any emergency situation.

If you have already called 911 for criminal activity, you can also call the Harris County Constable at 281-488-4040 as they some times will have an officer in the area and get here quickly.

For after the emergency calls, our “Links and Numbers” page has a non-emergency number for HPD.  We also have an off-duty officer doing occasional patrols – if you want to report park issues or anything the patrol should look for, the e-mail address is on the “Links and Numbers” page.

Q: Is soliciting allowed in Sterling Knoll?

The City of Houston does not require specific permits to solicit business – they do to solicit donations.  If you have a “no soliciting” sign on your door or entryway, someone can be cited for ignoring it.

Q: What gets picked up with our curbside recycling?

The City of Houston recycling will take paper, plastics #1-5, and #7, aluminum cans, steel cans, and tin cans.  Update 2019 – also now glass!

If the bin is full, they may refused to dump the recycle bin.  Cardboard, aluminum, paper, plastics (except #6 polystyrene/styrofoam) plus green, brown, or clear (unbroken) glass beverage containers can be taken to the City drop off site at Ellington Airport.

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